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Coach Virtual Ed Sessions

Live, Interactive Training

Coaches often are extremely busy and often have questions about specific topics. USA Lacrosse understands and has developed a new resource. These new learning opportunities are not part of the certification pathways but offer additional support to our member coaches. 

These coach trainings are live and interactive sessions via Zoom and led by USA Lacrosse coach trainers or college coaches. Each session will focus on a specific topic and will offer a Q&A period. These trainings are not part of the USAL certified coach pathways but offer additional educational support to our member coaches.

Season Package

Looking for consistent education sessions all season long? The season package provides access to all sessions from January-March 2024 (12 currently scheduled) for just $65.


You can also purchase the individual sessions for $9 each by clicking on the session links below.

Early 2024 Schedule

SessionPresenterGameDateStart Time
Transitions (Clears & Rides)Joanna LignelliWomen'sJan. 10, 20248 p.m.
The Complete Women's Lacrosse GoalkeeperJohn KnowlesWomen'sJan. 17, 20248 p.m.
Lax 101 for Men's GameJustin MoeMen'sJan. 24 20248 p.m.
Functionality of Practice PlanningRachel HillhouseBothJan. 31, 20248 p.m.
Mobile Coach 101: Getting the Most Out of the AppKatie CarrollBothFeb. 7, 20248 p.m.
Generating Offense From TransitionsAndrew StanleyMen'sFeb. 14, 20248 p.m.
Transitions (Clears & Rides)Joanna LignelliWomen'sFeb. 14, 2024 8 p.m.
Goalie PlayBryan McClureMen'sFeb. 21, 20248 p.m.
Man Down / Fast Break DefenseBryan McClureMen'sFeb. 28, 20248 p.m.
Riding and ClearingJustin MoeMen'sMarch 6, 20248 p.m.
Lax 101: Intro Basics for the Parent-CoachRachel HillhouseBothMarch 13, 20248 p.m.
Incorporating Social/Emotional Skills into PracticesKatie CarrollBothMarch 20, 20248 p.m.
Coaching for ConfidenceJoanna LignelliBothMarch 27, 20248 p.m.

Speaker Application

USA Lacrosse is expanding our coach development program with new interactive training sessions and topics. These new sessions will be under an hour long and provide specific learning opportunities. Examples of possible sessions would be “How to design a practice”, “How to clear the ball more effectively”, “How to run a zone defense”, or “How to work with goalies”.

We are actively seeking topic ideas and new presenters/trainers as we build out this program.

If you have a topic idea and/or are interested in becoming a presenter, please complete this application form:

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Topic Level*
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