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Grant Offerings

Discover all the ways USA Lacrosse is offering support to lacrosse organizations, schools, coaches, and officials.

Equipment Grants

Equipment Grants offer support to youth and high school level boys, girls, and co-gender organizations by providing essential lacrosse equipment. This grant aims to promote accessibility and affordability within the sport of lacrosse, ensuring that individuals and groups can access the necessary gear to fully participate and excel.

Recipients of this grant will complete an online order form, indicating preferred models, colors, sizes, etc. Equipment will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the grantee.

Whether it's supporting young athletes who are just beginning their lacrosse journey or helping established teams overcome financial barriers, the Lacrosse Equipment Grant seeks to ensure that everyone is afforded the opportunity to enjoy the sport of lacrosse.

Options: Sticks, Helmets, Headgear, Goggles, Shoulder Pads, Chest Protectors, Balls, Goals

Physical Education Grants

Physical Education Grants are offered to support Physical Education programs by providing essential lacrosse equipment and curriculum resources. This initiative aims to promote the sport of lacrosse, enhance physical education, and encourage active participation.

Recipients of this grant would receive a comprehensive equipment bundle, which includes lacrosse sticks, balls, and goals. In addition to equipment, grant recipients would receive curriculum and instructional materials. These resources are designed to assist educators in teaching the fundamentals of lacrosse, rules, and safety guidelines. The curriculum helps integrate lacrosse into physical education seamlessly.

The Physical Education Grant serves as a valuable resource for introducing lacrosse to a wider audience, fostering physical fitness in youth, and nurturing a sense of community through sport.

Includes: 40 Sticks, 1 Bucket of Balls, 1 Pair of Goals, Cones, USA Lacrosse PE Curriculum

Financial Grants

Financial Grants support diverse lacrosse organizations by supporting non-equipment related expenses. This grant aims to promote inclusivity and accessibility within the sport by offering financial assistance to cover various costs such as transportation, field rental fees, and other essential expenses. By alleviating these financial barriers, Financial Grants empower a wider range of individuals and communities to participate in lacrosse, fostering diversity and growth within the sport.

Includes: Stipend ($500-$2,000) Award amounts vary based on applicant need.

Education Grants

Education Grants offer stipends for certification or free registration for up to 10 coaches or officials to attend a USA Lacrosse Academy, hosted September through February. The USA Lacrosse Regional Academy program provides lacrosse coaches and officials with the opportunity for professional development that is customized for varying experience levels.

Coaches: Attendees will hear from a wide range of coaches, including those who teach at the high school, collegiate and professional levels, as well as motivational speakers who focus on leadership training. The sessions will provide a setting for networking and ongoing discussions between attendees and speakers.

Officials: The USA Lacrosse Officials Development program offers "Train the Trainer" sessions through Regional Academies. "Train the Trainer" sessions provide USA Lacrosse Trainers and Observers with practical insight and education on how to train new and returning officials. These professional development clinic sessions are offered to prepare current and potential Certified Trainers and Observers for the upcoming season.

Includes: stipend for up to 10 coaches or officials to become certified or free registration for up to 10 coaches or officials

USA Lacrosse National Grant Application

Eligible lacrosse organizations are encouraged to review the grant process, guidelines, and upcoming deadlines. All perspective applicants are invited to complete a grant application. Click the link below to begin.

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