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| Feb 22, 2024

USA Lacrosse Announces 2024 Grant Opportunities and Timeline

By Paul Ohanian | Photo courtesy of Roberson Middle School

USA Lacrosse has announced the revised process and timeline for its 2024 grant offerings, which provide resources to groups and organizations to support local lacrosse development and opportunities.

USA Lacrosse grants are designed to reduce barriers to participation, increase inclusivity, and fuel growth in communities throughout the country by awarding equipment, financial support, and educational opportunities.

USA Lacrosse will begin accepting online grant applications on June 1, 2024, but the organization is currently accepting interest form submissions from potential applicants. USA Lacrosse will provide email updates and reminders to those who complete the Interest Form.

One program leader from California shared this feedback after a recent grant award.

“We are greatly appreciative of the equipment grant. Our area has a very mixed demographic - plenty of wealthy families but also plenty of low-income families who are often intimidated by the sport's financial commitment. We were able to host a free clinic and gained a number of new league participants this year.”

USA Lacrosse anticipates notifying all grant recipients by September 1, with fulfillments completed by the end of the calendar year. The full timeline can be accessed here

A brief definition of each grant offering is noted below:

Equipment - Provides organizations with essential lacrosse equipment and gear to allow players to fully participate in lacrosse.

Physical Education – Typically awarded to schools and youth organizations, this grant package provides modified PE lacrosse equipment and a curriculum for introducing a co-ed version of lacrosse designed for kids to quickly learn the basics skills of the game.

Financial - Funding to qualified organizations that initiate or continue programs and projects that promote lacrosse participation in underrepresented communities. These grants are intended to offset non-equipment related expenses.

Education – Stipends offered for certification or registration for coaches or officials to attend a USA Lacrosse Academy, providing professional development customized for varying experience levels.

USA Lacrosse believes that broad representation and participation add significant value to the lacrosse experience and seeks to provide sustained leadership and resources for the growth of the game in all communities. Last year, USA Lacrosse awarded 72 grants to organizations across 32 states with a total retail value of almost $300,000.

Questions about USAL grants may be submitted to

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